Transgender women

My First Sex As A Transgender Woman

We're going to be talking about sex after gender reassignment surgery, so I do just want to give a quick trigger warning to anyone that doesn't want to hear the ins and outs of sex after srs, grs - whatever all the acronyms are. Firstly, I want to debunk some of the myths with gender reassignment surgery and I also want to help trans women who are thinking about getting gender reassignment surgery and are really scared or have just gotten it. So leading up to my gender reassignment surgery and when I first got it. The thing that I was most scared about and terrified about was being able to orgasm. Getting gender reassignment isn't just about having sex. For some people getting gender reassignment is solely just so, then they feel comfortable in their own body. For me it was both I wanted to be able to have sex and I also wanted to feel comfortable in my own body. So I was terrified whenever I'd read online, that there was women who couldn't orgasm I thought this was like a really high probability, so I wanted to bunk this.

First of all, I have never in my life met a trans woman that has had gender reassignment surgery and then not been able to orgasm, but does that mean that it doesn't occur. No, of course you're gonna have some people who do end up not being able to climax, but most of the time it does boil down to picking the right surgeon and then you have a very small percentage of people who go to the right surgeon, but cannot climax. I kind of like to use the like sort of analogy I don't know if it's analogy or what. Is that lipstick for you to decide but of somebody getting striked - no someone who has been struck. Someone who's been struck with lightning like have you ever met anyone that's been struck with lightning. I'm not saying the comparisons are definitely like the same in terms of percentage, but I've never met a trans woman who hasn't been able to climax after surgery. So after my srs I had sex three months after my surgery which probably sounds really early but it was permitted by my doctor, as long as we were gentle and I could find somebody that I trusted, which I did. Now his is gonna be tmi - just a warning when I first had sex I just remember how amazing it felt like. I am disgusted I feel awkward talking about this, but I was able to actually climax just from penetration. It's not something that I'm always able to do, but it wasn't something that I thought Id be able to do at all. Because when you get gender reassignment surgery, no matter what doctor, usually they will form a clitoris and that's kind of how you get yourself off. But I was able to get there just from penetration and it felt amazing. I remember, when it happened I was in ecstasy. Pretty much it was just euphoric that would be the right word I

wasn't wasn't taking drugs, but I was very euphoric and it just felt absolutely incredible. Now I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, because sex for me isn't always like that. But it was just a very beautiful way to start my sex life after having gender reassignment surgery. Now another thing I kind of want to debunk is that we don't self-lubricate or we're all extra tired. I do believe that trans women are usually tighter down there, but

when it comes to like sex and stuff like that. We don't like when I got to that three months mark and I finally had sex for the first time. I've been dilating with like a number four trans women will know what I'm

talking about. It's basically the big daddy of dilators to stretch your new vagina out. It wasn't like painful really. I don't remember feeling any pain. I just remember that the first time for me was just really amazing. I all of my sensory sort of organs down there were just like probably at their peak in terms of being intense sensitivity. But not in a bad way, like you would think. It would be really painful, but it wasn't. it was really pleasurable actually.

It's a whole different type of vagina, but you do have to be really careful that first time. Now that the thing that I wanted to debunk was the fact that we can actually self-lubricate. I mean it probably depends on the procedure, but I mean to Thailand they do a certain procedure, where you are actually able to self-lubricate. And that that's something that I really wanted to debunk because people think, that trans women cannot self-lubricate. I mean they they think a whole lot of things about gender reassignment surgery so I just wanted to debunk the fact that you can orgasm, you can self-lubricate.

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